Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Rehearsal Dinner in the Garden Courtyard

It was a perfect evening for Craig and Kelley's rehearsal dinner in the 
garden courtyard of The Vintage House.
The groom's mom and brother prepared the entire meal for the guests! 
The garden courtyard is a lovely setting for friends and family to gather.
Additional tables were brought in to accommodate the number of 
guests that were invited to this special event.
Wine and other beverages were kept cold on ice in vintage enamel buckets.
While the mother and brother of the groom were preparing the main course 
in the kitchen of the house, the guests enjoyed delicious appetizers.
The Vintage House has 3 tall top bar tables that can be
 used by anyone who rents our venue.
Enjoying a lovely evening...among family and friends.
The bride (center), one of her bridesmaids (right) and her soon-to-be sister in law (left).
Craig and Kelley - the bride and groom.
The groom's parents preparing the next course in the kitchen of The Vintage House.
The groom's brother is a chef by trade, and was preparing one of his specialties.
The main course was served buffet style and was set up in the dining room of The Vintage House.
The guests filled their plates with the incredible food that was prepared for them.
The strings of lights overhead created a lovely ambience to the already perfect setting.
The curtains hung between the trees really cozies up the garden courtyard.
A perfect evening, a perfect a perfect venue!

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If you are planning a rehearsal dinner, 
a small wedding, a private dinner party, or 
whatever the special event that is coming up in your life...

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