Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Shower for Baby Mirielle

 October has been a busy month at The Vintage House
for baby showers.  I LOVE the innovative way 
this banner was hung on the front porch of the house...
with the beautiful momma-to-be sitting on our swing!
 These guests painted pumpkins pink for additional decor 
to the front of the house...being the harvest time of year.
 This great space in the dining room has a mirrored wall and is 
decorated with a lovely sheer drape knotted softly.  It is a favorite area
 used for displaying food or drink for many guests of The Vintage House.
 You can't beat the vintage cabinet in our kitchen for displaying food and drinks...
the enamel table top pulls out for additional space.  The Vintage House
has several serving pieces to display your shown here.
 The back porch of The Vintage House is a popular space 
to set up a craft area for the guests to make something for the new baby...
whether it is a painted onesie, decorating barretts, or headbands or
doing a scrapbook page for the new baby.
Additional tables can easily be set up in the living room 
to accommodate a sit down brunch or luncheon, as we 
did for these lovely ladies.

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Call or email Lauri to inquire about how to rent 
The Vintage House...
(913) 963-2985


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  2. How adorable arrangements had been done for this cute baby shower party!! I really loved watching these photographs. Well I also have to host baby shower for a friend but my home is quite small for party hosting. Could you please suggest any inexpensive Chicago event venues for her baby shower party?