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Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Valentine's Day Play Group Gathering

We LOVE to share The Vintage House with others, but we also LOVE sharing it among family and friends... Lots of family memories have been made in this sweet little house over the last 20 years! 
On Valentine's Day, my oldest daughter Sara had her play group of mom's and kids
over at The Vintage House for games, crafts, lunch and just plain ole' fun!
 These are 3 of my 4 grandkids...Max, Sullivan and Annabelle...gearing up for the guests to arrive...they were checking out (and tasting) the goodies that Sara had prepared for the gathering.
This big (little) guy is my newest grandson Fletcher...he was enjoying the festivities too!

 Sara made up some pink slime for all of the kids to take home with them.
 Sara goes all out with decorating for the occasion...she really enjoys throwing a party!
 Max and Annabelle checking out the cookie decorating station!
 Yummy, "pink" milk...for the guests!
 Annabelle and Sullivan were really enjoying bouncing
on the vintage iron crib in the front room!
 The guests started to arrive...and the kids were anxious
to get busy doing some Valentine's Day crafts.
 Such a sweet can see GG (my mom) (Great Grama)
in the background cuddling Fletcher in her arms.
 More crafts on the back porch of The Vintage House for the kids to enjoy!
 Sara set up a "Pin the Arrow on the Heart" game that she named Cupid's Arrow,
in the opening of the fireplace mantle in the front room.
 Fletcher...taking a little much excitement!
 More guests arrived, and everyone enjoyed their
own lunches around the dining room table.
 It was Max's 4th birthday week, and all of the kids sang happy birthday...
he was very pleased, so say the least!
Nothing like a "no holds barred" party...
Sullivan was enjoying "drinking" little sprinkles from a parfait glass! :)
What a fun day it was!!!