Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A "Sprinkle" for Baby #3

A beautiful fall day at The Vintage House...perfect for hosting a "Sprinkle" 
in celebration of a third "little pumpkin" coming into the world soon for one special momma!
I did not know what a "Sprinkle" was until I opened our house up as an event space. 
(as apposed to a full blown "Shower" for the first baby...in case you didn't know either)

The front porch is decorated for the fall season, with pumpkins here and there...
 The theme of the Sprinkle followed the fall season...
with the arrival of a new little pumpkin coming soon!
Little white pumpkins where nestled in a wooden bowl, with
bittersweet, and little pumpkin embellishments.
 The Vintage House has beautiful white vintage ironstone dishes which can be used
by any guest of the house... burlap pockets with added embellishments to
 keep with the fall decor were used to display the silverware.
 The repurposed potting table is a perfect surface to prepare
food, and then to display the delectables, buffet style.
 The Vintage House is the perfect place to celebrate 
anything in life, especially new little ones...
 The shabby chic green side table that is in the dining room is used 
frequently by guests for displaying desserts.  The Vintage House has 
a plethora of serving pieces for the guests of the house to use.
 There are plenty of places at The Vintage House to display a garland or two or three...
whether it be on the mantel of the faux fireplace, across one of the archways
that separate the three front rooms, just to name a couple...
 Some guests prefer hosting a sit-down type of event.  
We have additional tables that can be set up to accommodate 
additional seating for guests, upon request.
 Buffet style...so easy!
The shabby chic dining room table is always 
available for use at The Vintage House. 
 Special memories are always made at The Vintage House...
The memory of this special day for this beautiful momma will include receiving 
a hand made quilt created for baby #3 from her baby's great grandmother...
 The couch in the living room is the ideal spot for the guest of honor to sit 
and open presents where guests can see from any angle in the front rooms
of the house.

 The front porch swing is one of the most enjoyable seats at The Vintage House...
where you can sit and watch the world go by...as many have done throughout
the years, since 1906, when this vintage house was built.
To my dear two daughters...whom I LOVE sharing beautiful
times, and creating new memories with...looking forward to many more...
Love you...always and forever!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Share beautiful times with the ones you love, creating
new special memories...at The Vintage House.
Call or email Lauri for rental information.
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