Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Vintage Wedding - Part 2

Kate is a beautiful young woman who adores the setting of The Vintage House, and 
knew she wanted to marry the man of her dreams at our sweet venue.  She was planning a small wedding with just family...a total of 32 guests.
The guestbook signing table and the small suitcase to hold gift cards was set up 
on a table in the front room.
Cookies were arranged on a two tier stand for the guests to enjoy in a corner of the living room.
The guests took their seats in the garden courtyard.
The ceremony was to begin, so the groom escorted his soon-to-be mother-in-law to her seat.

The bride's sister was the first of the wedding party to "walk down the aisle."
A cousin of the bride carried a small chalkboard to announce that the bride was coming!
The handsome groom waiting anxiously to see his bride...

Arm in arm, the bride and her father came out of front door onto the front
porch of The Vintage House to make their way to the garden courtyard area.
What a beautiful setting for an intimate wedding...
A sweet moment...the groom making the bride giggle...
Man and wife...happy and content...
The Vintage House is a great backdrop for taking special photos...
The front porch swing...
The cheerful back porch...
The dining room table was cozied up into the bay window of the house and was softly draped with a vintage handmade crocheted table cloth...the perfect location for the wedding cake. 
The drink station was set up in the kitchen with self serve drink dispensers. 
Mason jars were used as the glassware, served with paper straws.
Popcorn and peanuts were available for the guests.
Kate was so excited to surprise her husband with this special groom cake...
a Chicago Cubs fan, no  doubt!
LOVE Kate's bouquet!
LOVE Kate's vintage styled dress...
LOVE Kate's simple vintage styled veil...
LOVE Kate's vintage crocheted gloves...
LOVE Kate's turquoise vintage inspired style of Kate's shoes...
A happy girl...who made beautiful memories of her special The Vintage House.
A perfect photo, at a perfect location...on the front porch of The Vintage House.

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Call or email Lauri to arrange for making a special memory in your life at The Vintage House.
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