Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Vintage Wedding - Part I

We recently set up the Vintage Houses' garden courtyard area as a lovely setting for a small, intimate wedding for 32 guests.  I love this chalkboard/welcome board in the back of this very cool shabby cabinet with chicken wire that sat at the entrance to the courtyard area.  You could easily use small clothes pins to hang engagement photos of the bride and groom to the chicken wire.
Special touches of white hydrangea's were nestled in blue jars hung on 
garden hooks and placed on either side of the makeshift alter.
Additional white hydrangeas looked beautiful in a white milk glass vase.
Subtle personal details that represented the bride and groom...this beautiful scrolly 
monogram hung from the white iron arbor that was used as the alter.
Little pearl wrapped wire heart sticks were nestled in the hydrangeas
The small details that made it more personal to the bride and groom...
handmade tags to reserve special seats for honorary guests...
A double wide iron arbor, two sets of white shutters, and 
beautiful green ferns in urns makes a gorgeous entryway to the garden courtyard.
An eclectic mix of wooden, metal and wicker chairs were used for guest seating.
Flowy white curtains were hung between the mature walnut trees, 
creating a cozy outdoor setting.

Tuille fabric was laced loosely through the iron arbor 
creating a softer look to the makeshift alter.
Vintage tablecloths were placed on the random garden tables in the backyard, 
with blue mason jar vases filled with more hydrangeas.  
Beautiful detailed garden decor is evident...white a  few bird cages hanging 
from the trees overhead, a vintage bird house, and an old white enamel coffeepot 
with flowers resting on an old garden bench...
A little garden greenhouse made from old shabby windows, and 
then adorned with a galvanized tub planted with mums.
Love the old shabby bird bath, angel and swan that is nestled 
alongside the garden courtyard at The Vintage House.
Small details to make the garden courtyard space unique...a handmade 
stenciled garden sign hung from the old picket fence.
The front porch of The Vintage House with a view of the garden courtyard alongside the house.
What a beautiful setting for a vintage wedding...

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