Saturday, April 6, 2013

Easter Celebration @ The Vintage House

A family enjoyed celebrating Easter Sunday at The Vintage House...four generations spanning from the sweet young age of 20 months to the age of 84 years was a perfectly gorgeous spring day!
Everyone brought a dish to share, and was served buffet style in the kitchen. 
Bloody Mary's & Mimosas... :)
 The indoor space, plus the outdoor space of The Vintage House 
allowed for plenty of seating for everyone.
 A favorite place to just sit and watch the world go by...
on the front porch of The Vintage House...
 The little ones were very patient as Great Grandpa passed out Easter eggs with a surprise inside!

Beautiful cousins...
 Who doesn't want to have bubbles on a beautiful spring day?  
Though, I was informed that this "bubble gun" didn't do a very good job of making bubbles...

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The next time you need a special & unique
 place to have a family event
consider renting The Vintage House!

It's's's a lovely place 
to gather with your family & friends!

Call or email me to inquire how you can 
rent The Vintage House for your own!

(913) 963-2985

Have a beautiful day!! ~Lauri

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