Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Baby Shower for Two...(Two Mommies that is...)

A baby shower is typically for your first baby.  When you are on the second and the third baby, however, a second or third shower doesn't always happen.  This group of young mothers decided they would have a celebration for two of them who were on their 2nd & 3rd babies...and, why not? :) 

"Oh the Places You'll Go" is a wonderful Dr. Seuss story that was presented 
as gifts to the Momma's for their new little ones. 
Everyone wrote well-wish sentiments inside each of the books.
 The food was displayed in the kitchen using a selection of some of the serving pieces 
that are on hand at The Vintage House for use with any rental.
 The freshly painted back porch room of The Vintage House is perfect for doing crafts...
A creative station was set up so everyone could take a few minutes during the shower to make sweet little bow-barrettes for one of mommies who was having a baby girl.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Whether you have a friend, sister, or cousin who is having her 
first baby, second baby, or third...
The Vintage House is the perfect venue 
to gather & celebrate!!

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  1. What a special way to honor and celebrate Amy & Jen's second babies! The Vintage House was the perfect venue for the baby shower!