Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Vintage House Hosted Germanfest

 We personally hosted a Germanfest at The Vintage House recently.  The evening began in the garden courtyard along side of The Vintage House where jolly polka music was playing in the background. German wine and beer was served with wonderful appetizers of smoked bratwursts, cheese and crostini's, with a delectable homemade german mustard sauce. 

 An authentic German meal was served inside the house...where the guests were welcomed to sit, relax and enjoy the food that was prepared by personal Chef Cindy Katcher of Chef to You.

~ Menu ~
Sauerbraten with a Rich Brown Gravy
Fresh Herb Spaetzle Sauteed in Butter
Spiced Red Cabbage
Rye Bread

And for dessert?? Oh my...a scrumptious German Apple Cake [Apfelkuchen] 
with Dulche de Leche sauce drizzled under and over the cake!  Delightful!!!
 After dinner, back in the courtyard, live accordian polka music was enjoyed 
by all played by our dear friend, Ken! 

 Ken doesn't take himself too seriously when comes to playing the accordian...but everyone thoroughly enjoyed his special and very unique talent!  Thank you for playing for us Kenny!!

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