Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Wonderful Place for a Baby Shower!

We have had two mommies-to-be recently, celebrating the coming of their new 
little ones at The Vintage House, where their friends rented our space to host a 
baby shower for their expectant friend. When several gals come 
together to host the shower, the rental cost is quite nominal per person and is a perfect 
sweet, little space to enjoy any celebration.

"Everyone loved The Vintage House...and was raving about how cute it is.  
We had a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful time!" ~ Jenny G.

 One of the many things that is so wonderful about renting The Vintage House is
you can make it your own!  We have vintage dishes, tea sets, silverware, and serving dishes 
{just to name a few} that are available to use to make your event more unique and special.

Call Lauri (913) 963-2985 or email @ 
to inquire about how we can help 
make your event more special!

Parking is never an issue, as there is a city parking lot adjacent to The Vintage House.

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