Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Lu Turned Two!

 Another little one's birthday was celebrated in a BIG way at The Vintage House...
Lu turned two!
The cake was decorated so sweet...with sprinkles, 
and they served additional mini cupcakes. Both cake and cupcakes were served 
on one of The Vintage House's tiered servers and cake stand that 
are in inventory for the guests to use.

"Happy Birthday to You!"

 When the birthday cake was cut in to, everyone 
was surprised and delighted to see a rainbow inside!!  

 Lu's mom and dad invited a face painter to 
paint the faces of the younger guests. 

 Lu admiring her painted face in the mirror 
on the living room wall of The Vintage House.
 A bouncy house was placed on the driveway of The Vintage House 
for this particular birthday celebration.
The looks on these children's faces says it all...

 The guests enjoyed the outdoor entertaining area of The Vintage House...
the weather was absolutely beautiful for this special celebration!

 Lu was quite content with the festivities surrounding her on her special day!

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