Friday, January 25, 2013

An Intimate Wedding @ The Vintage House

On an amazingly warm December day, a young couple gathered at The Vintage House 
with their closest friends and family for their wedding day celebration. 
They wanted an intimate, sweet place where they could celebrate their love 
and to exchange their wedding have and to hold from this day forward....

The Vintage House had an extra "sparkle" this happy day...
...a day where two loves were to be joined as one...
 Chairs were arranged in the living room to accommodate 
the guests who would witness this special occasion.
The bride chose to use the archway between the living room and the dining room as the alter with the centerpiece of candles glowing on the table.

  As the guests arrived, the bride was "hiding" on the back porch of The Vintage House.
When the time came, the bride walked with her father, arm and arm, 
through the garden courtyard alongside the house. 
 I love that this bride dressed her all brides should...
casually in her bluejeans, a beautiful lacy blouse, spikey heels 
and a gorgeous bouquet of white flowers...

 ...a special moment with her father on the front porch of The Vintage House, 
before entering the house to greet her groom for their nuptials...
 Immediately following the ceremony inside the house, the bride and groom posed 
on the front porch for me so I could take a snapshot of them as Mr. & Mrs.
It was such a wonderful occasion...for the couple as well as for The Vintage House...
as this was the first of, hopefully many, weddings to be held at our sweet little venue!

Congratulations, Taylor and Shane...we wish you the very best!! 

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