Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Bridal Luncheon

Our sweet little vintage house was recently filled with giggling, happy women of all ages in celebration of the beginning of a young Bride's dream come true.  They all gathered at The Vintage House for a Bridal Luncheon, which was hosted by the Bride's Aunt who drove all the way from South Carolina.

On her journey to Kansas, the Aunt brought a treasure trove of family memorabilia that she asked The Vintage House Creatives to display in any fashion that we thought would fit into the already sweet decor of The Vintage House.

She brought beautiful old quilt blocks that had been created by the hands of the Bride's grandmother.  We knew immediately how to use these wonderful pieces of family history...

...we displayed a few of the quilt blocks on each of the tables throughout the house. We had preset the tables with narrow runners of white burlap and vintage crocks adorned with simple arrangements of sweet little orange, faux flowers. 

The kitchen was made ready with our potting table used as unique counter space to serve a true Southern style lunch that the Aunt had lovingly prepared for all to enjoy ~ buffet style.

 We creatively nestled their vintage sewing books, well-loved cookbooks and an interesting old jelly jar that had been repurposed as a drinking glass into the vintage crock bowl that the Aunt brought.

A few more unique items that we creatively displayed for the Bride's family and friends to enjoy...

The Aunt brought an old bundt cake pan...a perfect way to display the lovely old colorful, wooden spools of thread that some was, no doubt, used to piece together the old quilt squares that were adorning the tables.

In the front room of The Vintage House we have, as a permanent piece of furniture, an old wrought iron baby crib...the perfect spot to display the baby book and some sweet little well-worn shoes that belong to someone in the Bride's family.

I was so thrilled to have gotten in touch with Victoria Lynn, the Bride's photographer who is also a friend of the Bride. Tori was kind enough to share the remainder of these photos of the actual Bridal Luncheon with us...Thank you Victoria Lynn! 


It brings such joy to see our sweet little house being used for such a momentous occasion!  This Bride and her family truly made The Vintage House their very own.  

Remember The Vintage House when you are in need of that special and unique place to celebrate a special occasion of your very own.


To Andie, Jackie and Aunt Gayle ~ 
We thank you for celebrating with us!
~ Lauri, Marilyn & Sara (The Vintage House Creatives)

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