Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Moms Helping Moms Recap

Here they go.  These little kits are beginning their journey to help change the lives of less fortunate mommas.  As I packed each of the 326 (!) ziploc baggies into boxes for shipping I realized the next time they saw the light of day they'd be very far away. 

I imagined the journey the boxes will take...from my local post office, to a plane destined for Australia, aboard a medical ship to Papua New Guinea and finally loaded onto a truck headed to the rural villages where they'll ultimately welcome new babies into the world in a healthier way.   Each of these little kits are soldiers being sent to do good work.  Packed with love and care and well wishes for a momma and baby on the other side of the world.

It felt great to be surrounded by a wonderful group of women who set aside time to help to accomplish something small yet powerful.   Everything went better than I planned aside from a few rushed trips to the hardware store and me running around like a chicken with its (very sweaty) head cut off :)  I learned a lot this first time around and am hoping to make this an annual event.
Me showing my lovely Gram the easiest way to cut the sheets of plastic.
One of the groups of ladies busy packing kits.
Cutting string.  There was never enough string!
Place cards at each "kit packing" table.
Another group packing kits!
Finally figured out the easiest way to cut the gauze.  Team work!

Our "break room".   The amazing cupcakes were donated by the talented and generous Theresa Acker.

Our partial group.  Many had already left at this point, but we had to get some sort of a group pic!
My momma and me!
Once I got the boxes home I counted the kits.  My little guy Sullivan double checked my work...
"Ok, mom, let's see how many you've got here."
"Alright, 212 kits plus 114 kits...equals...326 kits!"
"Wow!  That's more than 100 over your goal!!"
Thanks again to everyone who donated time, supplies and money to this wonderful cause!